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“The Psychic Intuitor’s Handbook” reveals how psychics work

Nov 2011 - PARSIPPANY NJ –

Have you ever wondered how a psychic can tell things your life and your future when they look at the cards or your palm? A revealing new book explores the methods and techniques used by psychics – The Psychic Intuitor’s Handbook (ISBN-10: 1466407948 174 pp, 6 X 9, $16.95 available at

After much research, John Domanico offers an explanation and instructions on how to perform believable readings. Using logical explanations, he explains how using the techniques of cold reading, analyzing non-verbal communications and applying life phases leads to provide an understanding of the person having the reading.

John blends explaining the techniques and information with copious examples on how to use the various methods presented to form a coherent and believable reading. He explains how to gather information on the person by means of the clues given to the psychic by the client. He explains all the steps of the reading starting with greeting the client to drawing out information using the techniques of cold reading. In addition, he goes into detail on non-verbal communication and life phases that allow the psychic to gain an understanding of the client.

John targets the information in the book to both those who want to learn how to perform entertaining psychic readings and those who frequent psychics so they can filter out the frauds from the truly gifted. He makes it clear that the techniques presented are intended for entertainment purposes only by presenting a five ethical points for every psychic entertainer.

John has been doing psychic intuitor readings for entertainment for 10 years after much studying of the techniques he presents in this book. Coming from upstate New York, He applied his scientific background and techniques to study how psychic intuitor readings worked. With this knowledge, he has established a successful avocation doing psychic intuitor readings.

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